Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I am at this weird stage where I am busy but not busy... I guess its because it isn't physical work, just stuff on the computer.
I have started my Made it store (
coshwash) and also my Etsy store (etsy store) and have, in 4 days, made my first sale in both of them. Unfortunately thats all that I have made :( I guess I knew it would be slow going and all but ugh. Im just a bit over lurking on my computer and the numbers that aren't looking so great... I am currently housesitting and don't have any of my things with me which is starting to irk me because I want to have a crafty day so it gets my mind off things.

Sorry for this being such a negative post! Alright I will start looking on the bright side! PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BUYING MY STUFF! Its a good feeling! I just hope they like it! It has been a real challenge learning how the selling process works with these things! Well perhaps challenge isn't the right word, but it has been an experience none the less :) The only thing I dont like is etsy and made it taking a commission :p although it is only minor which is good. I really need to get my head out of this rut and focus on designing new things!


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