Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back At It

Well back to work I went.
Just got home from gluing some more rings at Dads, this will be the last lot of rings for awhile so I had better make it last lol!

Business is pretty slow at the moment although that will hopefully change soon!
I caught up with my old pal Maxim who proposed that I sell my stuff at the Brisbane Suitcase Rummage Markets!

This is a market held in the centre of Brisbane city where you can sell your wares from a suitcase! So essentially a whole concregation of peeps with suitcases :p

The stallholders ticket was only $25 which I see as a good gamble to see how the first market event will go! Maxim also offered to be the stallholder for free which was really nice of him!

So if you are in the vincinity you should definitely check it out!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I am at this weird stage where I am busy but not busy... I guess its because it isn't physical work, just stuff on the computer.
I have started my Made it store (
coshwash) and also my Etsy store (etsy store) and have, in 4 days, made my first sale in both of them. Unfortunately thats all that I have made :( I guess I knew it would be slow going and all but ugh. Im just a bit over lurking on my computer and the numbers that aren't looking so great... I am currently housesitting and don't have any of my things with me which is starting to irk me because I want to have a crafty day so it gets my mind off things.

Sorry for this being such a negative post! Alright I will start looking on the bright side! PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BUYING MY STUFF! Its a good feeling! I just hope they like it! It has been a real challenge learning how the selling process works with these things! Well perhaps challenge isn't the right word, but it has been an experience none the less :) The only thing I dont like is etsy and made it taking a commission :p although it is only minor which is good. I really need to get my head out of this rut and focus on designing new things!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Etsy Opening!

I have now opened my Etsy Store!!!
How exciting! Man it took a lot of work. I haven't actually sold anything in the two days it has been open but I have had over 40 views on my listings and shop :) Still feeling positive about it and I know my things are more expensive than the other peoples but I have better materials. There I said it. I know what they're using, I've used it before and I believe my things are of better quality... Hm now I sound a touch self-righteous... Le sigh. I'm just saying that I will give it a few months until I decide what to do with prices. I still have my made-it store to start up and get running too! And then I would eventually like to hit up the markets! I have lots of plans for this business venture but it all takes time and patience.
Oh wells. No pic today sorry folks :(

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Selling Season

Selling Season is back!
I uploaded a whole new batch of rings hot off the press :p So happy that I finally have some new stock up! Not to mention the amount I now have! I am very pleased.
I didn't put all of my stock solely on Facebook this time though. I figured it's about time I tried to start up my Etsy store... Talk about nerve-racking! I have been photographing my little heart out which was SO BORING! But I managed to get through it, now I just have to do the editing tonight and tomorrow and look for a way to display the size of them. I also don't know how much international postage is, so I guess it's off to the post office for meeee!

I have had a few sales lately ^^ mostly requests to make things; which is highlyencouraged! I like having to go out of my depth and actually look for things to make something in particular, I guess it allows my inner hunter and gather to come out :p

So the gluing saga ended well. We had a procession line going to get the all done as quickly as possible to avoid the resin drying on us! They have all stuck and are sturdy and solid! I am also really pleased with my ring bases! They are SO SO SO much better quality than the previous ones! They also look SO much better! <3

Ok well I'm off to dins with Dad.


Friday, June 15, 2012

New Product!!!!

Spirits are getting a bit low in regards to the business... I know its not supposed to be go go go! But I have only had one sale in the last week and its a bit meh. I know that I haven't put my rings up yet and I still have more earrings to go on but yeah... Its just a bit frustrating I guess...
Anyways I didn't start this blog to have a whinge... OR did I *shifty eyes*

No. I did not. The last few days I have been trialing some new products! Woohoo!

Are my latest venture :)
They are 100% hand made out of wool and old buttons!
Their insides are made of recycled wool scraps so essentially they are 100% wool! Yaaaaay! They're pretty cute in an odd sort of way...

Oh and I forgot to mention they're brooches!

So thats that. I haven't actually put it out to the public eye as of yet because they're the only four I have made atm... But I do hope people like them, I like them because they're something different and hand knitted which is always nice...

Apart from that I had a commission for a charcoal, this is it.

So thats my life so far into this week. Hopefully business picks up but if not I dunno, I guess I will just have to work out some new strategies. Right now I am experimenting and playing around with different wools with different textures and thicknesses... The thick stuff is hard to work with thats for sure!

Laters Skaters!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

There has been nothing but rain today... It makes it dreary and dark and I never want to get out of bed :(
We tried to go on an adventure today to the Cupcake Espresso cafe` but MAN did we get disappointed! It was raining so heavily and we had to run up the street and across the road and up another street only to find that it was closed :( Talk about devastation!
We just wanted a cupcake and a coffee! As it is the queens birthday here everything has decided to be shut...
We then drove over to Darby st, another cafe` area, and FINALLY found a place that was closing within the hour. Le Sigh. All of this in the pouring rain. I hate rainy days when I actually want to go outside.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not Impressed

I am not impressed with the silver coated earring backings. Nope. No Siree.
They bend FAR too easily and they doing go on smoothly like the surgical steel ones.
Needless to say I will not be purchasing them again...