Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Etsy Opening!

I have now opened my Etsy Store!!!
How exciting! Man it took a lot of work. I haven't actually sold anything in the two days it has been open but I have had over 40 views on my listings and shop :) Still feeling positive about it and I know my things are more expensive than the other peoples but I have better materials. There I said it. I know what they're using, I've used it before and I believe my things are of better quality... Hm now I sound a touch self-righteous... Le sigh. I'm just saying that I will give it a few months until I decide what to do with prices. I still have my made-it store to start up and get running too! And then I would eventually like to hit up the markets! I have lots of plans for this business venture but it all takes time and patience.
Oh wells. No pic today sorry folks :(

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