Friday, June 15, 2012

New Product!!!!

Spirits are getting a bit low in regards to the business... I know its not supposed to be go go go! But I have only had one sale in the last week and its a bit meh. I know that I haven't put my rings up yet and I still have more earrings to go on but yeah... Its just a bit frustrating I guess...
Anyways I didn't start this blog to have a whinge... OR did I *shifty eyes*

No. I did not. The last few days I have been trialing some new products! Woohoo!

Are my latest venture :)
They are 100% hand made out of wool and old buttons!
Their insides are made of recycled wool scraps so essentially they are 100% wool! Yaaaaay! They're pretty cute in an odd sort of way...

Oh and I forgot to mention they're brooches!

So thats that. I haven't actually put it out to the public eye as of yet because they're the only four I have made atm... But I do hope people like them, I like them because they're something different and hand knitted which is always nice...

Apart from that I had a commission for a charcoal, this is it.

So thats my life so far into this week. Hopefully business picks up but if not I dunno, I guess I will just have to work out some new strategies. Right now I am experimenting and playing around with different wools with different textures and thicknesses... The thick stuff is hard to work with thats for sure!

Laters Skaters!

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