Saturday, June 23, 2012

Selling Season

Selling Season is back!
I uploaded a whole new batch of rings hot off the press :p So happy that I finally have some new stock up! Not to mention the amount I now have! I am very pleased.
I didn't put all of my stock solely on Facebook this time though. I figured it's about time I tried to start up my Etsy store... Talk about nerve-racking! I have been photographing my little heart out which was SO BORING! But I managed to get through it, now I just have to do the editing tonight and tomorrow and look for a way to display the size of them. I also don't know how much international postage is, so I guess it's off to the post office for meeee!

I have had a few sales lately ^^ mostly requests to make things; which is highlyencouraged! I like having to go out of my depth and actually look for things to make something in particular, I guess it allows my inner hunter and gather to come out :p

So the gluing saga ended well. We had a procession line going to get the all done as quickly as possible to avoid the resin drying on us! They have all stuck and are sturdy and solid! I am also really pleased with my ring bases! They are SO SO SO much better quality than the previous ones! They also look SO much better! <3

Ok well I'm off to dins with Dad.


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