Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interweb Frustration

ARGH!Ordering stuff and things over the interwebs can be so frustrating!!!
I'm so used to the way 99% of the internet conducts their transactions that when i'm faced with something SO BEHIND it become incredibly frustrating...
One of the suppliers i'm buying from has this 'system' which seems to involve waiting a really long time to do anything! They send you an invoice so you're like 'woohoo! all done!' but then they dont do anything, just list it as 'in progress'. They then, after a few days, decide to list it as 'order to be shipped' but still dont take your money out of your account OR send you a final invoice they keep saying to wait for... Le sigh.
Its not a big deal but it just makes the little things so frustrating. They had also cancelled my first order and didn't tell me :(
Welcome to the world of business i guess...

Ok Rant terminating now.
I'm really looking forward to getting home and opening my many waiting packages ^^
Today i have been playing Syd Meier's Pirates all day instead of leaving the house :p It's an annoying game but addictive non the less!

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