Tuesday, May 29, 2012


H'ok. Well.

Sale day will be June 1st :) Its going to go for 3 days! woohoo!
So starting at 5pm Friday I will be uploading the individual pics on my facebook shop page...
www.facebook.com/coshwashdesigns ... Then people can just comment 'sold' or something similar and private message me for payment details!

This is going to be a massive test for me especially if nothing sells... I might be a bit devastated lol...

I also have VERY limited stock so I guess we shall see how it all goes... I'm also worried about the products quality-wise... I have been having problems with the glue so i'm really hoping that it finally works! I mean it is pretty heavy duty but its not AMAZING! Which worries me slightly :(

Heres what will be going on sale:

Bit of a shitty photo...

Heres a better one instead:

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