Sunday, May 27, 2012


I do believe I shall have a grand opening sale for the launch of my Facebook store... coshwash designs

I was thinking 50% off all of the products I have so far, just so as it is an introductory offer and people can see the quality and not have to pay full price. Oh! Not to mention everyone loves a sale :p

So my usual prices are going to be:
- 19-25mm (the usual size) rings are $7
- Larger ones are $9
- Earrings are $10

I think this is reasonable, I will review it in 6 or so months depending on sales and demand. I am really hoping that this works out... I've put a lot of effort into it and I don't know, I guess its just become a dream. Haha I hope I'm not sounding too dramatic :p I just want people to like what I make...

Later I think I might start selling my drawings too. Although they are a real pain in the ass because they are charcoal and it is the WORST thing ever! It smudges so darn easily and unless framed it pretty much just gets destroyed :(

At the moment though my biggest obstacle seems to be the stock itself... I just don't seem to have very much of it! I have 11 products... I am still waiting on stock to come in the mail! Does this seem to be way too little? I DONT KNOW!!! Then again it doesn't seem too much or too little...

Hmm... If Oki was taller she would be wearing this right now.

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