Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Second Beginning - Coshwash Designs

Been awhile hasn't it.

I've been a busy little bee!
I have gained some dreams and aspirations and although I'm still a little lost in my own world I'm on A path, I’m not sure if it is THE path but at least I’m on one :)

So for the latest chapter in my life I have decided to finally create a brand/design/an outlet for my creativity. It has been an itsy bitsy brain egg for quite some time and I have finally put it in motion! It has been a huge and amazing learning curb too! I never realised that starting something could have so much work involved, and man have I been researching my butt off!

It has been a crazy old path so far and I’m only just beginning!
Want me to tell you a little about it?

It is called Coshwash Designs and it is starting off as handmade jewellery and other cute so and so’s. I haven’t actually had anything to sell yet but sourcing materials has been an adventure in itself!

Here’s a bit about the process so far:
For the first time in my life I have had to deal with wholesalers for bulk materials, I have really tried to keep my supplies Australia based to ‘keep it local’ so to speak, but in some cases that’s just not an option. It has been a struggle to try and convey what I want through email and either have them not understand or just not even receive a reply.
My first lot of materials came from good ol’ eBay... They were expensive and at first quite disappointing. They did however provide a starting platform and give me an idea of what I do and don’t want from things, and yes I was kind of upset at first because, like anyone just starting out, I figured it would all work out first go, it took me awhile to appreciate the process for all it was worth.
I currently have a whole lot of materials on the way to me now and I am mega excited to start creating! It has been frustrating trying to source everything and not be able to see and feel it and I am still quite apprehensive as to what quality the materials will be but I am trying to stay optimistic and improvise if need be, practice makes perfect after all and eventually I will get it right... Eventually :p
Now alls i need to do is recieve the supplies, make my creations, take some awesome sauce photos and get them out there for people to see! I am really having trouble containing my excitement, after sourcing everything it's weird not having anything to do at the moment...

So that’s it so far. Expect a lot more posts once I get my lil' paws working, I can’t wait!


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