Friday, June 1, 2012

And So It Has Begun...

Alas the sale has started! Talk about a stressful take off too!
I had all of the product photography done and it had gone like the breeze and then it seemed that the biggest decision I was going to have to make was whether to put the products in their own albums or to just put one photo of each product in a simple 'For Sale' album. I went with the latter...

So as the clock ticked on it eventually reached 4:55; five minutes before the sale was supposed to start and my delegated uploading time! I had carefully selected the best photo out of each shoot and had just hovered my curser over the upload button when OF COURSE there was a blackout. Yep. At first I was like 'Woohoo my laptop still has battery life!' until it dawned on me that the maker of the interwebs is powered by electricity... Now fortunately the power was only out for a minute but even so the modem was not impressed and refused to restart. It took about 10 minutes to get the thing going again! 
Once I had finally uploaded my pics it took a futher 7 minutes to write in the descriptions because highlighting to copy and paste wouldnt work :(
I then thought it would all run smoothly from there on in but no. After about 20 minutes and 1 sale later I realised I hadn't put postage on the price! So again I had to rush and do that in case someone got angry about it! No one did of course but I come from a retail background where some people get VERY angry about the smallest of mistakes...

So far I have made three sales which I am very pleased with :)
It has been a really good experience so far and a great prep for future business. I guess it has been a good learning curb in what to expect and have pre-prepared, like product descriptions!
Just got a fourth sale! hehe!

Au revoir Hombres`

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