Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cabin Fever

Got me some supplies!
And since yesterday... or the day before I have been working my ass (and fingers) off! Have got most of the stuff done but I needed to order more earring findings and still need to take the rings back to dads to use his boat resin to glue them! It seems the only thing that is heavy duty enough to work! No matter how many times I tried the araldite just kept snapping off when excessive force was used. And yeah I guess that would be alright to a certain extent but I really do want the best and most durable products.
My fingers hurt so much, even typing is a challenge... :(
On the plus side of this creation binge I have made HEAPS! So so so so so much! I made a little trip down to spotlight and bought up big and came home and just went nuts on the material stash! And I really love a lot of them! They so prettyful ^^
Here's a bit of a preview of what I have been up to:

A few of the earrings I have so far :)

All of the goods :p

Because it has been raining I have just been sitting inside doing this for the last 2-3 days, I am going a little mad and really need to get out of the house or something!
I am also planning on house sitting mid-June so the thought of packing all this stuff up and lugging it with me isn't particularly appealing...
For right now though I do believe it is DINNER TIME!

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